WARNING:  Electrical work should NEVER be performed by a non-qualified or inexperienced person.  Personal injury or even death may occur.  Call a licensed electrical contractor if work is required.

Trax Electric is not a service company, but we do get a lot of questions that may help you out.

By maintaining and servicing your electrical system regularly, you may prevent electrical hazards from occuring.

Trax Electric, Inc. takes no responsibility for any persons performing electrical maintenance. This guide is to help eliminate charges to owners for service calls that do not quality as warranty items.

Frequently Asked Questions

My light fixture is not working:

Replace the bulb.  Make sure to use the appropriate size bulb for the fixture

Verify the switch is on.

Make sure you are using heavy usage rated bulb for exterior lights

I have an outside light that is supposed to come on automatically at dusk, and doesn't:

Make sure they are not also switched and the switch is on.

Make sure there is not a tripped breaker.

Make sure there is not a GFI that has tripped.

Theses lights may be equipped with a photocell that triggers the fixture to come on when the light gets to a certain level.  There may also be a separate photo cell not attached to the fixture.  These photocells can and do go bad,

Smoke detectors are making noise:

Replace the batteries in all detectors.

Make sure there is not a tripped breaker.

Clean dust from detector

If smoke detectors in going of continuously, you must leave the house immediately.